Gate Crashers

Xena was outside having a snooze in the shade. 10C is just a little hot for her. She missed these gate crashers scoping out the place.

After they decided they didn't smell anything of interest in the yard they proceeded West right along side our balcony and then demonstrated the deer Limbo to go under the barb wire fence into the west field.

Today on bush walk we found a neat old split trunk fir that was left to seed the place from previous logging operations..

Right next to it on some flat bench land we found another "House". This one had an internal chicken coop, metal roof and sun deck.

This place was pretty well hidden in the bush and would be invisible from fifty feet away. According to an old timer the builder was an eccentric hippie type who lived on the property and would build these places and then knock them down to build another one. I don't know if he was trading up or what. I suppose I could salvage it but it would take a couple of days of clearing a road to get to it. And it is jam packed with a pack rat midden, much to the Gurls delight. Apparently there is another place on our property but we haven't found it yet.

Spent yesterday grinding siding and spreading caulk down on Tom's new rental place and then we trimmed out the green house and started caulking it in preparation for priming, painting, staining and varathaneing. Sounds like next week is going to be a painting marathon. The weather is supposed to be nice. I am going to take the seats out of the Van and put my paint sprayers and equipment in so I can Paint Tom's, the Gates around here and the Green house.

Hope your having a great weekend.


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