Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

And we have great neighbors.  They pasture a hundred head of Belgian Blue cattle on our pastures and generally the cattle are very good with the fencing.  None the less,  from time to time I have to get the fencing tools out, walk the line and retighten and repair broken strands.

Of course I have help with my outside projects.  Boose, the Calico cat, likes to tag along through the grass and offer advice on the best way to solve a particular problem.  In between belly rubs.

We got the grow beds plastic wrapped and installed in the green house.  Today's task list includes getting the cut tires into the beds, filling them with soil and transplanting.

Sometimes it just gets exciting around here!  A friend our ours gifted us with a couple of Medussa pepper plants from his green house.

While Medussa's are apparently edible I am very wary about eating decorative peppers.  Capsaicin on the Nuclear Device level.   You have been warned. That's all I have to say about that..


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