Herding Cats

Kermode, AKA Kermit, has decided he wants to be included on our morning walk down to Savory road and back.

He is vociferous and tags along behind constantly mewling at the injustice of small legs and a two kilometre walk. He is a very talkative cat and comes when he is called. Letting us know he is coming with his strident mewing.

He isn't looking his dandiest lately as we have had to cut off a bunch of hair matts that were causing him some discomfort, and giving him a lumpy appearance. He is looking forward to having his luxurious fine coat back.

We put a coat of primer on the green house and stained the window wall a ceder hue.

Today I will high pressure spray a couple of coats of Eco friendly ( i.e. recycled) acrylic latex on and then a floor covering in preparation for Tire growing beds, Lights, wood heater and some kind of window insulation that has been percolating in the background for a while now.

The white really increases the light in the place.


Looks fantastic Art ! You should consider throwing a cot in there, rent it to visitors for $200 a night and call it "The Garden Room with a view"

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