Monday, September 22, 2008

Bending Iron

As usual my estimating skills need a lot of improvement. It took me all day to get the ground leveled and the rebar and wire mesh in place. I sprinkled water on the gravel and then packed it for about an hour.

Then the plastic went down. Of course the side walk superintendents were in attendance.

Xena:( to Boose) " Your sure your going to like to sleep on this plasticy stuff? I get to sleep on the big bed.."

Jo took pity on my groaning and decided to give me a hand bending iron and cutting tie wires, and answering the question" what did I do with the sledge hammer?"

Finally we got to sit back and admire the handiwork. We are a couple of pieces of rebar short and will pick some up today to complete tieing the mesh to the rebar and finish the apron at the door way.

1 comment:

Denise E said...

You are sure making progress on the shop. You could build a bomb shelter under that floor. What is the spacing of your rebar, 1ft? Mesh with fibre concrete. Holy Fort Knox. That is better than raised parkades.