Drott it all

A friend who is a heavy duty mechanic showed up yesterday to do an oil change in the Drott Skid shovel. It froze up a winter ago because it had water in the transmission oil. We drained it and flushed it out several times before filling it with new oil. We also changed the oil in the final drives, one of them practically empty. Just bad maintenance.

Up and running trying to get that oil circulating. This machine can move a lot of snow. Or gravel. Or the clay mountains at the ends of the tire garden.

Not that we put it out to pasture, like it looks in this pic, but really it didn't have to be right next to the house. It's not like some one is going to steal it away in the dead of night. I think we are starting to realize that we have enough land that we don't have to keep everything within fifty feet of the house. The nearest neighbor is a couple of kilometers away and were not exactly crowding the fence line.

I want to get the area clear of heavy equipment and put a gravel pad in for visitors. And I need the room to push snow away from the driveway and buildings.

Hopefully today I can get the last of the tyvek up and start to clear out the garage so that I can level the base getting ready for seven yards of 3000 psi, fiber filled concrete. Wow, I am getting excited, a level heated space to work in over the winter, or spring, or summer or..whenever the urge hits me. The garage door is in at the hardware store waiting to be picked up. but first it would be good to have a flat place to assemble it. Also I need to get a ceiling in before I hook up the door track and lift springs.


Denise E said…
How thick of a pad are you pouring?
Haven't tried that type of cement yet but I hear it's as strong as if it has rebar in it. What's going to be your heat source in the shop?
ablom said…
Six inches, still going to use rebar and wire mesh as I am going to work on the skidsteer in there. As for heat, and air tight wood heater and electric backup. Shouldn't take a whole lot to heat that place.

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