On the Level

Tom brought his fancy, self leveling, laser up and we used it to level the grade of the garage before we install re bar and wire mesh. I am putting in nails to mark the level line produced by the laser. Bit of a trick trying to get the base uniformly flat. Fortunatly Tom had his skidsteer which is a lot more powerful than our old Case. I have use of a tamper to flatten it out and it sure makes a solid base. Today I will play with getting it a bit deeper and add plastic and pressure treated 2 X 6's around the perimeter. Then bend some rebar and install the wire mesh. We are going to pour next Friday.

The side door is ready to go in but it will have to wait for framing which will happen after the floor is poured.

If I manage to get all that done today I will be thinking about making some cold storage to house the crop of root-a-veggies. Or maybe build the door for the ceiling storage area..


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