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Of course as we approached "Pour Day" the weather got bad. And the road slippery. My concrete anxiety heightened, apparently a common phenomenon to anyone who plays with the stuff . The day before the pour it cleared up a bit and we had a strong West wind which dried everything up greatly. It's only the top couple of hundred feet of driveway, thin on gravel, that poses a problem. It jollied me right up to see the cement truck chunder up the driveway with no apparent problem.

My brother Tiny, and his son Conrad, who is a contractor in 'Rupert were on hand and made the job look easy. I had a young, local friend helping - and Jo-Ann say's it looked like he did most of the heavy lifting. Thanks Joal.
Boose checking it out no doubt. I keep telling her she is going to have a pretty neat house when its all done.

Here's a picture for the relatives: Me, Conrad and Tiny. The grinning means the pour was done.

The pour itself only took about an hour. Finishing, and the wait between, took several more but in the end I had a flat concrete surface to start working on. Some how it managed to get some cat prints in it.

Next is to put the ceiling on so I can install the overhead doors and framing so I can install the side door, then wiring, then insulation, then walls, then heat, then paint. It does tend to go on. But I will sure be enjoying it this winter. And Boose who resides in the current "Blue" shop. And Jo-Ann who is bitten by the DIY bug.


Denise E said…
Ee haw! Job done. It's looking good Art. Though I do have to ask what the DIY bug is.
Art Blomquist said…
Do It Yourself. She always wanted to take "shop" with the boyz.
Carol Browne said…
I LOVE that picture of the three of you. What a great photo. You all look so pleased with the finished product. And Tiny looks like Santa.

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