Harvest Time

The frost has been here for a couple of days, not in a row, but twice in the last week and yesterday I took the day off from construction to work in the re-tired garden. We started to harvest some of the Yukon Gold spuds and some Chantenay carrots.

As you can see from the pricture below the Cows are back.

These belong to our neighbor who is pasturing them here. The Read's never bothered pasturing their herd here this year so the grass is pretty high. I was up in the upper feild behind the pond and the grass was over my head when I was sitting on an ATV.

Great harvest of spuds. Now to get the cold storage happening. We are putting aluminized tires( next post) over some of the crops in order to extract the last of the seasons sunshine.

As we harvest the spuds we are getting the tire garden ready for a fall planting of fall rye, a cover crop that we will dig under come gardening season again in the spring. Well, with the set up we have a little earlier - Say late April. I am adding some well manured soil from up near the pond, to the tires. I will also add some dolomite lime at a later date.

Today I am on deadline to get the garage ready to pour concrete.


Carol Browne said…
New potatoes! YUM!

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