Roota Veggies

We had a hard frost last night and the tops of the Roma tomato plants were looking a little sad so we decided to do a bit of harvesting.

Look at the size of this turnip. Jo-Ann's big discovery today was that fresh from the dirt turnips, cut into french fry size, are a delicious snack food. Who need Jicama.

We still have about four tires of turnips left to do so should be pretty well setup for a while. We also have a couple of tires of beets and eight tires of spuds. If I can squeeze some time in after the garage pour I am going to build a cold storage room in the basement.

That of course, will entail moving about a thousand boxes of vitally important stuff. That if some one were to steal away with it all, I would not have a clue what the heck was missing. Some kinda lesson there.

Were getting excited about the pour Friday. The concrete people phoned and confirmed a date. I ordered way to much cement but tomorrow I might make some molds for concrete patio slabs. Always handy to have around the place. Or simply put a slab around the side of the garage for campers.


Carol Browne said…
What a great haul! A farmer's work is never done.
Cathy L said…

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