White Out

Well, white on. Trim that is. I have now put a couple of coats of white stain on the trim of the Shop/Garage. It was just too cold to use paint. But the stain looks pretty decent.

Today I am going to spend an hour touching up ladder marks etc. and then start inside with insulating the Top beams and getting ready for Tyvek.

I have done a rethink on the floor and am waiting to get an estimate on concrete. It looks like the concrete may actually be cheaper than wood. And probably stronger.

It's firewood season around these parts and everyone is charging out to the various forestry roads to get the winter supply. Last night after a meeting I went with a friend of mine out to a pile of house logs he had skidded to a local road. Despite log marking and signs asking people to not cut the logs some lazy thief had chopped up one of the logs for firewood. This was in spite of someone catching him and pointing out that the logs were definitely not waste wood. Hard to imagine. We added some more signs nailed to the logs and he is bringing in a log picker truck on friday to get the logs to a local mill before the wood rats get it all. My friend is a faller and I made a deal with him to have him come and cut down my winter wood from the bug kill near the upper pond. He is also going to take down the dead pine near our driveway.

When we first saw the place that tree was still green, all though close inspection revealed the bark already falling off. I really love the tree in the winter when it gets hoar frost on it. However it is now pretty dry and will soon pose a danger so it is time to recycle it. I will plant a Spruce from the " Christmas Tree" field to take it's place. I guess in sixty years or so it might just match the old Pine.


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