Fire Wood

My friend, Ken "the Faller Feller", and his wife, Charlene dropped by today to fall a pile of the dead bug wood trees near the upper pond.

Nice to see a pro a work. He made it look easy. The wood is very dry and cracked, and some of it is dangerous. Not a great place to be when the high winds are blowing.

In a couple of hours we had a great start to the winters wood. Of course the cows had to come rushing over to see what the fuss was. But they ambled away when they noticed we didn't bring any cow treats with us. Xena was with us but got so spooked by the trees crashing down she took off and high tailed it back to the house.

You can see the blue stain left behind by the action of the Mountain Pine Beetle. It is actually very nice looking. Some entrepreneurs were making furniture out of it, calling it Denim Pine. Unfortunately this wood is too cracked to make lumber out of but it will burn just fine.

A couple more days work and we should be warm all winter. And that's a good thing. Jo-Ann made the mistake of saying it probably was good exercise.. Well only another 10 or so truck loads..

It didn't get much above 5C(41F) today, and we are hearing about snow in the upper cut blocks. So winter can't be far away. A local farmer says not until the end of October. Hope he's right.


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