Can You Spot Waldo?

Actually it's Mabel the Moose. It turns out the rangers didn't go through our property but stuck to the road so we went down to where our driveway meets Savory road and waved at them and snapped pics as they went buy. Wished I would have thought to take the Canadian flag down and waved it like a mad Canuck. I am very proud of those guys & gals.

On the way back we startled the two moose that inhabit the place. They were crossing the road right in front of us. Were talking "fill the wind shield" big. Three cameras on the dash and this is the best we could do. No wonder pictures of the loch Ness Monster are always grainy.
I put the final coat of semi-gloss on the ceiling of the shop yesterday afternoon. Glad that particular part is over. The gun is cleaned and I will switch to a smaller one to do the shelving. But before I do that I think it's time to call the electrician in. In.


Kevin said… looks like cardboard to me
Carol Browne said…
Glad to see the Endako Moose Reserve is going strong.

I'm sorry to have to break the news about the Loch Ness Monster, but apparently the whole thing was a big hoax. Spoiler alert! -

I think this means the OgoPogo in the Okanagan is also bunk.

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