An Open and Shut Case

One of a few I will be building. This is pretty cool for tool storage.

This one case occupies a 48 X 42 inch wall space and has a sheet and a half of pegboard storage. With a small shop, finding a use for every nook and cranny- maximizing working space and storage is paramount. Today with any luck I will complete the trim and varathane and maybe get a coat of paint on the pegboard.

I managed to get some bugwood trim around the small side entry door. What a trial.

There is a reason Mike Holmes makes sure everything is square and plumb before he starts. I thought the job would take about a half hour. Several hours later - when I went into the house for a calming cup of tea Jo-Ann mentioned that she was hearing a lot of crashing and banging and sawing and some swearing coming from the shop..

It was twenty below yesterday - time to work on the recalcitrant skid steer. the starter relay appears to be toasted. I will have to see if I can get a new one in town today as we have snow on the way.

I know I have been spending a lot of time blogging about the shop lately. Bear with me. One of these months I should be finished. O.K. I will probably never be finished - as in everything to the last detail. The workshop is a tool that I can use to progress the enterprise, so to speak. Being able to work on machinery and build cabinets for the kitchen reno and the myriad other projects to enhance the homestead - that type of thing. A place to do maintenance is critical to wringing the most bang from our bucks.

Besides, soon it will be time to obsess about gardening.


Denise E said…
Those cabinets with the pegboard are a very cool addition. Nice work Art.
Walter Jeffries said…
Excellent cabinet space. Our tractor start is complaining on particularly cold mornings. I have to take it apart but with the weather so cold I am not looking forward to it. :(

On my blog of Molly the Good Luck Dog you asked about what she's eating and what we feed our dogs. Art, mostly our dogs eat meat, either in the form of meat from our herds or pests and predators they catch around the farm. See this article about Feeding Big Dogs. They thrive on it.

Occasionally I've had to buy commercial dog food but I don't like to. I worry about what is in it, especially after the multiple melamine out of China scares that we've had in recent years. As you note, the lower priced meat is actually cheaper than commercial dog food which has little meat in it and is mostly indigestible.

What she has her claws wrapped around there in the photo is a meaty knuckle of pork.

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