If Only We Could See..

Still sanding away in the new shop. Getting the shelves ready for painting. I decided to dismantle them which will make for a way easier paint job. Although I could spray them I have decided to just use the old standby rollers and brush. I don't want to be bothered by having to put plastic up all over the place to handle the spray mist.

And now for an entirely different rant:

I have been thinking about the recession we are "suddenly in". I am not an economist but it seems that essentially we have all been drafted into some elaborate and world wide Ponzi scheme. And when the chickens came home to roost, the NINJA traders grabbed their loot - well there were no chickens, just chicken crap - the "economy" collapsed. Actually that's not a very good metaphor because chicken crap can be useful. I italicized "suddenly in" because I don't think it was sudden - it was a long time coming, building since the second World War. The rise of the military industrial complex. The collapse was sudden of course. Ponzi schemes always fail catastrophically.

Basically the whole thing seems to be based on a process of gross over consumption. We are required to buy stuff that we don't need, to fulfill very unrealistic and unattainable expectations. That something we purchase can make us happy. One weird result,of many, from a global perspective, are grossly overweight people paying others to make them skinny.. We've been trying to eat our Happiness.

I'm not talking about the basics: food, shelter etc.. But even those have been perverted beyond recognition. Advertising drives the planet. And not in a direction that is going to be good. It's whole purpose is to get us to buy something. Anything. And lot's of it. I remember my Father saying years ago: " One day their going to sell water in bottles - just like pop".

I am driven to distraction by concocted pictures of 3 foot long dastardly microbeasts that-- if only we could see them ...Or if you could see what lives on your kitchen dishes ...you would buy this marvelous elixir - and keep buying it. The problem with Flim Flam is that it doesn't have any substance, and we will surely waste away ( or explode) on a steady diet of it. They sell Ninja mortgages as if they were real.

That's where we are now. Unreal.

Time to rip up the front lawn and plant a few turnips. I don't mean metaphorically. Well, actually there are better ways, but you get my point.

Not to have you leave this post on such a gloomy note. I am, essentially, an optimist. The crap that we are wading through now can have a very positive outcome. If we are prepared to question why we need a whole aisle in the supermarket dedicated to cereal.


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