Project Shelved

Well almost. Jo-Ann and I had fun yesterday putting together the repainted shelving, and deciding whether to listen to Classical or Country and Western while we bolted the things together.

Yes I know to some people Country and Western is classical. Lately I have been listening to Gregorian Chants which I find very soothing.

Now the trick is to make anything that wants to go on the shelving fight for the right. It's just too easy to fill up any horizontal space with crap.

While I was waiting for painted stand off blocks to dry I lugged a few more tools over. I now have more of my tools in the new shop than the old. What a concept-- having all my tools in one place.

I have a cubbyhole shelf to drag over and then I can get onto today's project: putting up cleats on the side walls so I can hang up tool shelving, pegboards whatever and make them movable should I change my mind about what goes where. but before that I need to make a stand for my little table saw so I can use one of the salvaged work tables as an out feed table. Then I can use the saw to make the cleats. Oh and before that I need to go to town to get some construction adhesive, varathane 1 X 6's and maybe some peg board. And 48 million dollars.

Ah I love the smell of sawdust in the morning..


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