The Shop Project is Tabled

Three times actually. Last year we scored three heavy duty tables that a local school was throwing out. The were over in the old shop and we brought them over to use as temporary workbenches. Endlessly moving the construction stuff from one wall to the other gets a little lame after a while.

Here's the view of where the Garage door will go. It will be 10 feet wide by 8 high. Now I am going back to get the shelving sanded and then painted. And then time to move in some tool chests and a cupboard, and then pegboard.

Tomorrow with any luck I will either be putting on a second coat or assembling them at the far end of the shop.

Boose the shop cat seems to really like the new digs. The other day I put an old red paint rag around her neck and she didn't mind it at all. She kept it on until it fell off.
About the only thing that seems to annoy her is the ticking of the shop clock. That little hand going round and round...


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