Heavy Metal

Well the tables were heavy, and they had metal legs and stiffeners. They were 36 inches wide and I wanted to cut them down to 24 inches so they fit better in the limited space. I want to be able to walk around the skidsteer when I am working on it inside. So narrowing the salvaged tables involved cutting the tubing and re-welding via a wire feed welder. Love the smell of burning metal in the morning. My brother, Tiny brought up a 110 volt powered M.I.G. welder that he doesn't use. Now I can build a few of the projects I have in my head that involve metal fabrication: like a firewood elevator..

I have always wanted to be able to weld but it is going to take some practice. I am a better grinder than a welder.

After we had fun with the welding I made cleats for the walls. They are made with the top edge cut at 45 degrees so I can build hangers, shelves - whatever and hang them from the cleats by using a piece of 1 by cut at a complimentary 45 degree angle. This makes it easy to add or move shelves, cabinets, Pegboards etc.

It 's snowing today so it's a great day to be fooling around in the shop. Today I want to get a coat of varathane on all the cleats, finish trim the side door and maybe make a pegboard for hand tools. Oh and move another shelf from the old shop/ soon to be chicken house. If I don't have to plow the driveway. No wait, according to the weather network it's just snow flurries - for the next five days..


Viki said…
Only did some welding a few times, but like wire better than stick. My stick kept sticking!

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