Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green, Green it's green they say

And not just on the far side of the hill. Well, up the hill and in the new shop. The shelves that is.

I got them all sanded yesterday and started the painting process. I drove 3 inch screws into 2 by's and placed the shelves on them. I am using Tremclad paint, which is one of the best I have found for metal. The only down side was I used a cheap roller and the tenacious oil based paint just sucked the fibers out of it. And I thought I was being frugal by using one dollar rollers from the Fraser Lake Fields store that I could just toss after I used them. Now the carefully prepped surface has roller pile strands all over it. Yes I did ignore the little voice. I could sand it and start again but I may just call it a feature. I will make up my mind when I go out today..

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