Asset Collapse

One of our biggest assets collapsed over the night. I believe the fault, and I could easily slip into fault and blame right now, was probably gambling on the futures market . As in not piling our stack of winter wood, one of our biggest assets, with a view to future stability.

Oh well, unlike the financial markets, this asset can still be liquidated, er- burned up. Actually a lot of it was wood that was left over from last year so burning it now is probably a great idea. One of those little voices in my head from last summer. " Say-- I should re-pile that two year old wood so we use it this year".. Amazing' what can happen when I don't take care of things when they ask to be taken care of. First things first. The Chimney was the big little voice I didn't take care of. But what the heck it did all work out in the end.

It's -17C(1.4F) and according to the weather site, its light snow that's falling - not the force 9 Easterly white out gale that I see when I look out the window. Other than the sound of the wind, and even that is muffled by the snow, it is wonderfully quiet. Hushed, no sound discernible from the Mine site or highway sixteen.The snow is drifting over the road. I could probably make it out now but no guarantee I could make it back without putting chains on. Tomorrow will be snow plow day, if the snow stops.

It really is wonderful. Lots of left over brined turkey( Thanks R.T. for the recipe) and other Christmas goodies to tide us over. If the power goes out we have heat and water. And propane for the emergency stove and barbecue. And a fully winterized Boler to escape to if it get really bad. And a Camper for overflow visitor beds.

Don't know what a Boler with two adults, one dog and four cats would look like. Pretty cozy, I imagine. Of course we would have to do without the big screen T.V. Sacrifices must be made.

Life is good.


Carol Browne said…
Merry Christmas to you, Jo-Ann and the crew! Now that you say that, I think I should shovel the snow off the balcony. Yeesh. Talk about not being able get out of the garage.
Walter Jeffries said…
That's the kind of asset I believe in. Christmas day my son Will and I were cutting up and splitting some more wood. You have quite the pile there.

Over on my Sugar Mountain Farm blog on the Kitchen Pig post you mentioned pigs in a blanket. I love the pastry sort. My son Will makes a most excellent croissant for wrapping our hot dogs which makes an elegant and tasty, flaky pig in a blanket.

Congrats on getting through the roof and have a Happy New Years!

Viki said…
Funny, the weather report here doesn't match what's happening outside either. Hmmmm verry interestink.

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