the Hole in the Wall Gang

Update on the kitchen/living room chimney deconstruct/install project. the short version: the Fireplace Follies. What fun we do have. This pic is looking at the kitchen from the living room.

And the reverse from the kitchen to the living room. Lo and behold, two screw jacks. I know a guy ( Tiny ) who just happens to have a nice burl that would fit right between those two jacks. Hopefully I'll get a family discount. The double log beam above the jacks goes from one side of the house to the other.

We went up to Grandmas yesterday before the snow storm to check out the replacement air tight wood stove, just making sure it wasn't a figment of my imagination. Here it is. Some stove polish and it will be a pretty warm addition, especially as the wall will be gone between the living room and kitchen. It had a couple of cracked fire bricks because the last guy who moved it didn't take them out before I strapped it to a furniture dolly and lugged it into Grandma's. O.K it was me. There, satisfied now that you've dragged it out of me..

Hopefully today I will be able to get the rest of the bulkhead and phoney brick down and start to rewire and restructure the floor joist opening for the new chimney.

Yesterday turned out to be a bust on the get the new snow blade on the skidsteer. They had made some connector steel that was 1 inch short. I had sent them a model to work from but they didn't use that instead went and took measurements from another skidsteer - but not the same model as mine. So back it goes. Tom and I grunted, swore, pushed, pulled and shouted the thing onto my trailer. Where it now sits-- because the roads are impassable because were in the middle of a snow storm. Well now isn't that peachy. I could have used the blade right about now. Slashing great mounds of snow with ease and comfort. Which was why I was trying to install it yesterday. Ah well that will have to wait until the snow plow trucks get moving. Maybe Monday or so.

Then with the skidsteer working I can beat a trail to Grandma's to pick up the new, old stove, so I can remove the fireplace.

Honest, all this messing around, and the universe not unfolding the way I wanted it to, could be enough to put a damper on the Christmas spirit.

Only kidding!


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