Yard clean Up

I managed to fire up the skid steer yesterday. I hadn't had it running since we put the rad back in so it was with some trepidation that I turned the key. Up it fired and a little voice in my head ( who said voices in our heads were bad ) suggested making a pass to the highway so we could get out if we had to. Once down to Savory I noticed hydraulic fluid as I backed up. Lots of it - not a good sign. I managed to make it back up to the turn and that was it. Inspection revealed a hydraulic return hose that was spraying fluid from around a misplaced clamp. As I had a path to Savory we went into town but the Autosense store was closed for the holidays. On the way back home we stopped at Tom's and he just happened to have a couple of spare 20 liter pails. Always a great thing to have around. My Niece Cindy and her daughter, Jamie, and her boyfriend Brian had dropped by for a visit. Brian is a mechanic and was quickly pressed into service. Soon we had the beast up and running and I managed to do the entire road. Until I started having an intermittent problem. The skidsteer would just stop running. Dead. If I waited until my toes got cold it would start again. I managed to limp home and spent the rest of the day shuttling Jamie and the hot pink sled, up and down the road - er refurbished Olympic sled run where she set a new personal best: all the way to the big bend without a wipe out.

This morning I got the thing running and it died after five minutes. I noticed some skanky looking connectors and replaced them and It ran for the next two hours without complaint or stall. Number one on the list for equipment projects when I get the shop heated up is redoing the entire wiring harness on the thing. Removing every single stake - on connector and changing them to proper soldered and heat shrink connections. As the skid steer is open to the elements I got to try one of my cool, er- warm, hand made presents from Jo-Ann: a knitted dickie. Just the thing for minus weather. At only -15c, I couldn't wear the hand knitted sweater under my army surplus winter jacket without suffering heat prostration.

Any way I managed to get the entire spread plowed, up to Grandmas, and all around the out buildings. It makes getting around a whole lot easier. Yard foreperson, Xena, was on the ball so to speak( the blue ball) and trying out all the runs.

One of the reasons we had for going to town was to pick up a package from Sara and Kevin. Christmas Goodies. I got some great stuff! Even some cheddar cheese flavored larva! No typo there folks: larva. Apparently very popular with avant-garde epicures. You can get yours directly from the bug store.

They're dead and toasted and crunchy and delicious. And all mine. Jo-Ann has professed no interest. I thinks she's just jealous. The gagging sounds are just for effect...

They also sent us a cool coffee maker that grinds the beans and makes a wonderful cup. Right now were enjoying a nice, fortifying brew of Starbucks.

Starbucks in Endako.

Isn't that something.


Endako Jo said…
Am I the only person on this planet that is grossed out by those bugs???!!!! Y-U-K !!!!
Carol Browne said…
EWWW! Cheesy bugs? GROSS. But that dickie is awesome!
Denise E said…
I would only eat bugs if it was the last food on earth. Double YUK Art.

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