Moon at -27

Went for a bit of a trundle into the East field to get some shots this morning. It was -27c when we got up.

And to see if I need snow shoes to walk down the gas pipeline to put up some no trespassing signs. A couple of local snowmobiles have decided to use the front of our property as a speed way. Nothing I find more annoying than a screaming engine as it cuts twenty feet in front of the house at 60 miles and hour. Closing gates optional. Well I guess fair is fair, they open them - rightfully I guess it is only fair for me to close them.

We had to fire up the old fireplace to take the chill off. So today is get firewood ready and get the stove down from Grandmas. And I have some butter tarts to bake.


Jo-Ann B. said…
the moon over the house looks cool (no pun intended....well, OK, intended).

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