Put another Log on the Fire

Sunrise at 8:00 am this morning.

Job one this morning: fire up the fireplace. It looks like the whole of Western Canada is under an Arctic freeze. Hard to find anti-global warming advocates around here. Maybe that's why it's now been modified to Rapid Climate Change..

We went to Prince yesterday to pick up the Radiator. No luck - they were able to patch it together but would not give me a guarantee longer than walking out the door. The fan had been throwing stones at the core and it was badly pitted. It was just too far damaged. So they are going to replace the whole core. Not much point in getting it home and having it blow up again.

It was a chilly trip to Prince. I guess a 100 kmh wind chill at -27 ( well lets see now that would be: well, -50c give or take) We went to Canada Tire and bought an electric butt warmer ( ahhh ) and a six foot piece of 2 inch foam. I cut the foam up to put along side of the door panels and under the seats. Much warmer trip back. And butt.

Xena thinks we're just being silly: It's not that cold. The remnants of the blue ball are rock hard. We notice "Screwy" (Ewe)still likes to sneak out but is right back in about 5 minutes looking pretty chilled at the window and asking to get back in. " I could stay out a lot longer, but I know you guys miss me.." Sure.

Today just might be a stay warm inside day.

And try and get rid of 21 different viruses on my Sisters laptop. Don't get me started there..


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