It's so cold..

The chickens are laying frozen eggs.

They huddle around the heat lamps to keep warm and the water has a warmer in it but the nests are about six feet from the lamps and it got cold enough to freeze the eggs. At least I hope that's what happened. Any way the addition of a 1500 watt heater took care of that problem. The girls are happy.

The stove replacement project progresses. I brought the wood heater we are going to use down from Grandmas yesterday. It's heavier than it looks. Even with the firebricks removed. Here it is along side the existing fireplace it is going to replace.
It will look pretty good with a new coat of stove polish. But I won't put that on until I have it in place. A burl is going to go where the steel jack posts are. Or a piece of poplar with the bark still on. Can't decide.

Don't know how I am going to move the old fireplace with a fire still in it...


Carol Browne said…
Oh wow! I love the open concept play you have without that big wall between the kitchen and livingroom. It looks great!

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