Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall

Well whoever. The wall did have to come down.
As you can see we managed to get rid of the last portion of the the living room/ kitchen wall/fireplace surround.

Lessons learned:

1) There is never enough heavy duty garbage bags when you need them.
2) Milwaukee sawzall is a great boon to the home deconstructor
3) 240 acres and still not enough space to put construction crap

Next steps, re wire, refloor, reconnect to new heater. Install new Selkirk Chimney.


Endako Jo said…
come on you viewers. how can this one not have inspired a comment or two?
Kevin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kevin said…
OK OK...where can I start?

This video reminds me of a Warner Bros. cartoon, where the cartoon character measures the distance to where he thinks something will land when it falls. Oh wait that wasn't a cartoon, it was "some guy" who cut down a tree with "some guy's" truck parked too close.

Was the recliner there to catch the bricks? I knew I should have come to help with this project!

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