The Wreckage of the Past

One little old partition comes down and suddenly no room on the balcony. What's up with that.

Oh well, after a cup of tea I am going to see if the "Betsy Ford" 4X4 will fire up and I can use it to shuttle the crap from the balcony and environs to the burn pile. Then I can see if I can get the old fireplace out to the balcony to that I can trade it with the one from Grandmas. Can't use the trailor because it's got a snow plow in it that is going back to the welders in Prince tomorrow.

Spent about 3 hours yesterday night with Tom's skidsteer and snowplow clearing out the driveway to Savory road and up to Grandma's and around the chicken coop and feed shed and - well any place that had snow that shouldn't have. The roadway was so slick we ended up putting full chains on. All four tires. What a difference. His Cat skidsteer has a lot more power than mine but it doesn't do any good if the wheels don't have any traction. Hopefully I can come back from Prince with a snow plow that will fit the my rig. I am also going to invest in a four wheel set of heavy duty spiked equiptment chains for it. I estimate that if I can get the blade on and new snow I can clear the whole joint in about an hour.

I was just putting on a new choke cable on the skidsteer. Simple enough job. Except that it was cleverly designed to not be simple. An air cleaner hose has to come off,
The carb had to be removed so that the screw that held the cable was accessible, The fuel line had to come off. Getting the carb off wasn't easy - it was only held on by two 9/16 bolts - but they were so close to the body that I couldn't use a socket. All told about two hour just to change a cable. Now I know for sure I am not a qualified mechanic but a few design changes would have made that so much easier. I don't know why stuff is built that is so hard to service - for no apparent reason. Why put the dipstick tube so close to the carb you can't get more than a two inch swing on a wrench. My theory: We are obsessed with making things to sale - we don't want them to be easily serviceable - if we did that, they wouldn't break down so we had to buy a new one and perpetuate the consumer cycle.

The consumer cycle. What's up with the recession/depression that suddenly came out of the blue. Oh well, let's just give 'em a bunch of money. Our "economy" demands it. So we can keep on doing the same old stuff. That's the answer. Not.


Viki said…
Is this a case of "when up to my ass in alligators, it's hard to remember I came to drain the swamp."?

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