Doggie Dreams And Grandpa Aspirations

Sara and Kevin were just up for a visit and brought a new doggie bed for Cleo. She really likes it. When she's not using it the cats like lounging on it also.

"Hmm, what's that wonderful smell, am I dreaming?"

Dream on! The lovely aroma was coming from a brisket that Kevin smoked for about twelve hours. Mmmm-managed to choke down a few ounces of it..

They also came bearing news:

I'm not excited in the least. However there was the strange light headed feeling I felt that afternoon when I went to a sweat. It was probably just too hot!

New Motto: "What happens at Grandpa's Stays at Grandpa's!"

Jo-Ann and I have been helping a friend of ours demo a house. For which we got some great deals on used building materials. Some dis-assembly required.

Between that and painting my Brother's rental house, we haven't had much time to work on the garden or green house. When we checked last night things were sprouting all over. We'll be thinning within the week. Can't wait for the Hakuri Turnips. They taste like very mild radishes. Maybe the end of June..

Speaking of outstanding in the field, here's a picture that Kevin composed of the tractor in the West pasture:

I really like the saturated colours.

Hope your having a great Friday and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.


Congratulations Grandpa ! I always say being a grandparent is like finding a one dollar bill on the sidewalk and then realizing it is a $10 bill .

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