In the Pink

I changed my mind about using 12" insulation as it would have taken a lot of extra re-structuring. Instead we split the insulation down the middle and used that. Even on a cloudy day the green house gets nice and toasty.

After the fiberglass itchiness was over we added 6 mil vapor barrier and then started a lesson on applying standard sheets of O.S.B. to non standard lumber in a building that is not square and two foot and 16 inch centers are only an approximation.

The lift made ceiling installation a lot easier. There was one incident, however, where one worker dropped the lift on another workers head. No names will be mentioned but I was glad I was wearing my "safety hat". I shouldn't mention the other worker as she is being investigated by the W.C.B. (Who Clonked artB.) for unsafe work site practices... sure, sure it was an accident..nobody plans on accidentally tripping the mechanism's brake..

The big lesson learned was to leave plenty of room on one edge of the sheet-goods and count on the trim work to cover. Either that or start using a jig saw to fit every single piece.

Certain members of the work crew managed to sustain themselves with cool drinks and chunks of cheese. And black ju-jubes for dessert.

Any way it's Soup Sunday and were still debating what that will be. Perhaps the perennial favorite, hamburger. The bread is kneading and we have time to complete the OSB and start window trim.

Hope your having a restful weekend. And no one clonks you on the head unnecessarily..


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