My Eyes are Glassing Over

We are starting to install the South facing windows in the green house. The knee wall above the eight foot section poses some issues. Rich, thanks for the links to agreat site for farm buiding plans. I may just end up putting up fiberglass panels across the whole knee wall.
Any way two new sliding double glazed panels made it in late yesterday.

More to install today. It's an interesting challenge to maximize the glass but keep the structure strong.
On a related issue. I would sure like to find a pair of gloves that were comfortable, but didn't wear out in a week. I love those high tech "Mechanic" gloves made out of stretchy material and leather. Super comfortable. I have tried many different types. Slow learner here. One great pair had L.E.D. lights built in. Unfortunately they just don't stand up - despite the advertising, they just wear out in a few days. Usually right at the finger tips.

On one of my favorite working glove, an all leather construction by Watson Gloves, I have taken to using the Home Handyman's secret weapon - Duct tape. Thanks to a suggestion by wife, Jo-Ann, via the venerable handyman supreme: Red Green.
I am going to buy a brand new set of stretchy gloves and dip the fingers in some liquid plastic designed to put a covering on tools and see if that will be an improvement. For twenty to thirty bucks a pop a pair of gloves should last more than a week. Indicative of so much of our stuff - designed for looks, get it sold - who cares if it wears out two days after use. Maybe that part is built in. We don't own anything anymore - we just rent it. Part of our consumer heritage.

Hope your having a great day and you can take time out to smell the chicken crap.


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