Joining the Blue Man Band.

Or bands of blue, but that doesn't mean I am learning to play a new instrument or turning into a 10 foot tall, carbon fibre boned Navi. Although my bones have been doing a bit of aching lately and could probably do with the assist.

Just trying to solve the dissolving glove fingertip problem.

Plasti-Goop to the rescue. Field trials begin today.

We managed another three window sections yesterday. Working through a blizzard.

The main double paned glass is now just about in, with the exception of a corner that is looking for some narrower glass. May have to borrow some from the garden shed and replace them with a bigger window.

Today I will be putting clear plastic panels on the knee wall above the windows. And maybe adding a barge board to the front. So far it's clear sunny and 5C. I think I will enjoy the almost tropical conditions..


Denise E said…
Great project! I think it will look great with the slab siding you're going to use. You got my interest. That glove idea is cool, just before they break through all you got to do is redip. How do they stand up to the commercial version?
Art Blomquist said…
Commercial version. The problem is there is no commercial version that actually stands up to daily use.

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