I'm whacked!

Weed whacked that is. My neighbor dropped by yesterday with two tractors equipped with brush hogs so green house construction came to a halt. The brush hogs are like lawn mowers on steroids - able to whack down a three inch thick tree. And it did yesterday for about twelve hours. The tractor I was using had a melt down - probably caused by cutting uphill on the steep parts of the terrain. I now know how steep you can go in a tractor and not fall over backwards. Pretty steep! But I am sure it feels a lot steeper when I was sitting in the drivers seat. I haven't been on a tractor since I was 12 and helping with haying. So, yes, it was fun! There are about 12 billion ants out in the fields waking up this morning wondering what the heck happened to their roofs.

The fields looked wonderful after the trimming. Almost like a golf course.

It should really make a difference in grass growth now that it's not competing with the rose bushes and small pine and spruce. I noticed an interesting thing while weed whacking: the brush and trees were thickest closest to the forest edges and thinned out as it spreads into the fields. Makes sense, I suppose, but it struck me at the time. Sometimes literally- when the two tractors got too close to each other.

Here's a slide show of the Green house construction from the outside to date.... and, yes, that IS snow in one frame!

I am not sure whether the broken down tractor will get fixed to continue the brush cutting today or I will have a day off to continue with insulation installation. Could be an itchy situation.

The two dogs followed us around all day. In the evening they collapsed on the living room floor in front of the fire and slept like logs with just one feeble interlude to bark at some coyotes.." a good thing for you we're so tired..'

I'll keep you posted. And hope your having a serene day. Or at least an interesting one.


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