A Spark of Progress

The carpenters finished the blocking required to provide nailing edges for the osb.

Late last night the electrician managed to get the place wired up for lighting and wall and ceiling outlets. While I was looking at an old explosion proof fixture that I had been stumbling over for five years it dawned on me that it would make a great outside entrance fixture. It even had a screw in photocell adapter that is now turning off the 3.5 watt chicken spa light during the day. Got to conserve that power!

Today is installing insulation. Just itching to get at that job.. And then comes vapor barrier, O.S.B. and painting. I want to get it done this week as it's getting close to time to put the re-tired garden in place.

Jo-Ann snapped some interesting photo's of Boose the Chicken Spa Cat, who is now Mistress of the Green house who scaled the walls and investigated the ceiling joists. She seemed satisfied with what she saw..


Art, you remind me of the old time street musicians. A harmonica in your mouth, guitar on your knee, drums on the other knee etc. You are definately an "Art of all Trades"

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