I Can See Clearly Now..

More correctly, my vision is improving.

The first of many windows went into the Red Shed as it transmogrifys into the Green House. The windows previous life was half of a double glazed sliding door. I made a frame for it out of salvaged rough 1 by 8's ripped to seven inches. It extends out past the original siding because the siding material to come is going to be log slabs. It will give it the Log Cabin Green house look.
Here's the "before" outside:

And the after:

It was amazing how much light just that one window brings in:

Today we'll be installing an insulated storm door along side the window and then start on the South side with the remaining window mosaic.

The design has been changing as my ideas get impacted by reality. Instead of the whole South side being glass it will only be eight feet high or so. This is due to how the building was structured. But eight feet by twenty feet of glass window should give us plenty of light. A glass door on both ends will provide ventilation in addition to the ventilated windows on the South side

Were also thinking of a garden viewing platform off of the South side facing the re-tired garden and an earth berm on the North side to provide thermal mass and insulation. Thanks, Rich for the suggestion. Now that I have a method of building window frames the project should speed up a bit. Most of the windows are already framed aluminum so it's just a matter of figuring out the best position for them and roughing them in.

I am flashing all the windows with tarpaper and aluminum. Aluminum flashing is formed into a pan on the bottom of the windows to help drain any moisture that penetrated the vapor barrier outside.

The Gurls were very interested in an old gas fired oven that was removed and sitting on some pallets just outside the door.

An enterprising mouse had built a nest inside of chewed up paper. It had also packed in about ten pounds of freeze dried macaroni and noodles from a ton of survival rations that was left behind by the previous owners. A real packrat magnet as attested to by the hundred pounds of packrat crap that was removed. Thanks Bubba! What a stash that mouse had accumulated - food for life. I thought the mouse was long gone but Xena kept insisting that it was still there - and she was right as it was hiding in the burners under the top flap. It got away and now probably has a big story to tell it's buddies.

Around dusk yesterday we saw four deer, a mamma bear and two cubs, and a rather large Male Black bear, all within a couple of hundred yards of each other in the Eastern field. A new record. It was starting to sleet and they didn't seem to mind at all as they nibbled on fresh greens and the bears devastated a couple of ant nests for dessert.

There is snow on the mountain across from our Southern valley and any sun that does poke through the wet cloud cover is momentary and startling. A lone, early arriving, hummingbird looked pretty cold as it fluffed its iridescent coat up for maximum warmth and contemplates another gurgle of sugar water from the red feeder swinging in the wind. Last night was a mixture of snow and rain. Impetus to get the green house in operation.

Hope your having a wonderful weekend.


Viki said…
How is Cleo about bear visits?
Art Blomquist said…
Both of them seem to know that a bear isn't something to chase. I don't know why maybe just something they inherited. Cleo will chase deer and birds and coyotes, especially when egged on by Xena. But unlike Xena, if she's on the chase and we call her she stops and comes. Xena won't stop until the interloper is off the property - then her hearing miraculously recovers..

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