Down and Dirty

We managed to get most of the plants that were starting to get too big for their britches into the ground yesterday. The cabbages we planted in tires beneath geotextile which helps keep the weeding to zilch and still lets the water in and measurably increases the soil temperature. The top tire is covered with tinfoil which acts as a reflector. The tire acts as a wind break, it's weight also holds the geotextile down. The bottom two tires provide the growing soil and thermal heat-sink. The half inch plastic tube in the center is for drip irrigation or sprinklers depending on the plant. We put plastic lids on the top on cold days and overnight at least until late June. For extra thermal gain we place one gallon plastic jugs that are painted black and filled with water in side over night. Mini Green houses.
We had to trudge on through a few sprinkles before finally admitting defeat and retiring to the green house to listen to the sound of the rain on the roof and watch it nourish the ground. Apparently it works better with some applause and encouragement.

Today came with heavy thundershowers. Just before it happened I had crawled up on the roof and spread roofing mastic over all the nail holes I could find. Just in the nick of time.

The dogs were barking at the sky. And then hunkering down in the house - not frightened at all, Dad, really. We just want to hang around for reassuring pats to make sure your not too scared. And maybe sleep under the computer desks, just 'cuz that's a nice comfy spot, and, in the odd chance that the roof really does collapse it would probably be the safest place to be. Doggie duck and cover..

It's lightened up a lot now and the air has a wonderful heady smell. Clouds rolling up the Eastern hills. Slipping over the bright green Poplar and lifting a grey veil over the darker Pine and Spruce forest. It freshens up the land. The grass and leaves turning emerald before our eyes.

Of course with the thunder and lightening comes the power outage. The lights only went out for about five minutes so we didn't even bother to switch over to the emergency system.

It's raining too hard to do any work in the garden so we are scurry flunging the joint in preparation for taking a couple of days off.

A builder friend of mine offered me the opportunity to get twenty sheets of 5/8ths plywood, and about the same in 3/8ths O.S.B. plus roofing shingles and vinyl siding from a house he is tearing down. For fire sale prices. Some dis-assembly required, so that looks like next weeks project. Score! That will take care of the floor in the Green House. Maybe even the siding. He might even have a handle of some 2 " Styrofoam to complete the floor insulation.

Even with today's clouds and rain the green house temperature was a soothing 28C. Not too bad.

Forecast is for sun tomorrow so perhaps we can finish the planting and get back to trimming and painting the greenhouse.

You know you've been working a lot when you look forward to doing house cleaning!


Wendy said…
Rain sounds good right about now. Funny. This time last year, I wishing for the rain to stop, but we just haven't had any to speak of recently, and it's pretty worrisome ;).

Love the "re"tired garden :).
Art Blomquist said…
it was a pretty dry winter here so any moisture we get now will pay off big in better grass in a month or so.

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