Let the Sunshine in.

We got the remaining panels up on Friday.

That's plastic paneling on the top and West side.
It's really starting to get warm in the place. 21C last night at 7 P.M. After a day that had a lot of cloud in it.

I have a bunch of r40 insulation, 12 inches thick that I want to put in the ceiling. The ceiling joists are only 8 inches thick so I have devised an offshoot of a suspended ceiling that will allow me to use the full r4o in the ceiling. Basically hanging 2X4's on stringers from the existing joists which will allow ventilation along the top of the insulation.

That's todays project. But first comes site clean up by the labor gang. Then call in the carpenter. Then the electrician has his go before turning it back to the carpenter who will put up the inside O.S.B. siding before he notifies the painter. The painter has a mad plan of gluing aluminum foil to the walls to aid in light reflection. It will be interesting - and a few days before that happens. I probably need a general contractor - but I have a suspicion that's the Gurls job.

Let's see the line up again.:

Laborer, Carpenter, Electrician, Carpenter, Painter, Electrician, Carpenter, Laborer, Plumber and finally- Gardner.

I will hold off on the outside siding and window framing until later in the summer as I will soon have to get the re-tired garden going. Not to mention the equipment shed.

And somewhere in there - a fold up chair and a guy with a silly grin on his face and a watch cat purring in his lap, watching the cucumbers grow!


Viki said…
Beautiful! How did the gloves hold out?
Art Blomquist said…
Not as well as I had hoped. But i think the problem was using used gloves that had some oil on them.. this caused some of the rubber, particularly on one thumb to peel. The other fingers seem to be holding up tho. I am going to try again with a brand new pair.

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