Big Wheel

I love this old wheel barrow.
It has an iron wheel, half rubber tire supports and was made with rough hewn lumber. The same type of fir that is on the equipment shed and outbuildings. This was built by someones hand to serve a need. I don't think any part of it, with the possible exception of the nails, was purchased. The wheel was re-purposed from another piece of farm equipment. One of these days I will resurrect it but still maintain the same design. Right now it's perfect for leaning against while I reminisce about childhood hours spent staring at the clouds in a brilliant blue sky. And dodging face licks from curious doggies. Green grass all around me like I have managed to sink ten inches into Mother Earth.

But not today. It's barely past 10C and there is a brisk Westerly wind blowing. Now that the filling and sanding is completed, I want to start painting Tom's kitchen cabinets but will have to turn on the heat in the shop and hang plastic for a back drop in order to do it.Jo-Ann is being chomped by black flies lately. She has taken some extreme measures to protect herself on our morning walks.

This morning we were greeted by wild roses starting to bloom on the sunny sides of the ditch along the road. The soft purple pink pastels contrasting with the brown earth.

We are also noticing Orange Hawkweed starting to show. An imported houseplant gone wild. A name that doesn't do justice to brilliant colours. Funny how one man's weed can be another's flower. You can even find it for sale on the W³. There is also a yellow variety. The birds and the bees seem to like it.

The local highways crew are busy re-gravelling Savory Road, our graveled connector to paved Highway 16. They do a very nice job. When we win the lottery I think I will have them re-build our driveway. Don't know what a kilometer of driveway to road standards would cost but for now I will keep plugging away with pick up loads.

The job would sure go faster with their equipment.

My fantasy's must be maturing when I catch myself pining for a belly dumper, rather than a belly dancer!

Hope your having a restful weekend.


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