The Cat's Pajamas

Well he doesn't wear pajamas, but Jack does like to take over Cleo's bed whenever he gets the chance.
Well he was instrumental in getting Cleo "catified", he does like to snuggle up to Xena for a mid morning nap now and then .
Jo-Ann just missed a shot of Jack sticking his head in Xena's yawning maw, fearlessly checking out the black spot at the back of Xena's tongue. That would have been an award winner.

Still sanding on the cabinet refinishing front. We did however take some time out yesterday to plant another couple of flats. Herbs like Basil, Chervil, Oregeno, Cilantro, Sorrel, Savory, and some more Chives Tomatoes, Squash and Cucumbers. We also planted some flowers: Nastursiums, Pansies, Cosmos, Plox , Nicotine, Violas, Carnations and Sweetpeas. The Nastursiums and Pansies are edible, and will be a welcome and colourful addition to summer salads.

Sadly, Jo-Ann found our female bluebird dead on the ground near her nest. Were not sure what killed her. They like to build their nests close to the ground and in this case it was in a hole in the aerial lift platform. We haven't seen the gaudier male for several days. We buried Mama Bluebird in a large planter with wild flowers. When they come up it will be a nice tribute to her. We sure miss their flashes of blue flitting around the re-tired garden.

It warmed up to 17C - practically time for shorts!


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