When One Door Opens..

Tom and friends showed up yesterday and we installed the sliding door for the soon to be equipment shed. Great addition. After a week or so of clean up and installing a side door and installing a gravel bed.. And if it looks like I am wearing a down vest over painting coverals, your right.
It was too cold to paint outside so I set up a backdrop of plastic and sprayed the first coat of primer inside the heated shop. If anything it is colder today. 5c at 10 a.m. and not looking like it wants to get any warmer.

Today I will prime the doors, then sanding in prep for final coats. Still can't make up my mind about painting the Doors and trim a light brown. Takes a lot of finicky masking..

No Cats were used as paintbrushes in the making of this post.


Kevin said…
Are you going to try and keep the swallows out of there? If so, you'll have to make a nesting spot for them some where to keep them around eating bugs. Then I guess it isn't much of an issue in winter.
Art Blomquist said…
I think there will be a lot of swallow ledge building this fall after the swallows have flown the coop. The other thing we will be adding in the insect control department will be a couple of bat houses. The eat a heck of a lot of 'squitos in their life time.
Kevin said…
Bats are my friends!

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