Using my Head

One of these days I have to get a re-fueling station. I am working on it now, in between projects, painting a 300 gallon tank and stand. I will need to build a containment berm next to the fuel shed.

We planted a dozen tires near the chicken run with spinach, lettuce, peas, and some sweet peas to liven up the place. I am sure the chucks will appreciate the flowers. They go crazy for spinach. They didn't mind offering some planting advice.

Ever wonder how many 2 X 4's it takes to build a 24 X 40 foot house? About this many:
Now a couple of days of pulling nails and I will have some great usable lumber.

Last night we watched the bovines playing Cow king of the castle in the excavation dirt mounds from the Walapini. They dust themselves with the dirt to help keep the pests down. Makes for some odd looking pictures.

My hands feel like I have rheumatism after a week of demoing the house by hand.

Today's project is calf proofing the front gate and burying a power line to keep our internet tower powered.

Hope your having a great weekend.


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