On The Ball

My Toyota truck that I usually pull my trailer around is down and out for now. But I remembered seeing a fellow in a trailer yard moving them around with a forklift with a trailer ball attached. I own a hole saw and a drill and just happen to have a 2" trailer ball that isn't being used right now. So Voila: the super duper skid steer trailer mover. It is so much easier than trying to back up a trailer - I just push the trailer ahead of me and can move it with a precision that is hard to get looking at it through a mirror.

I painted the main cattle guard at our top inner fence line - the one that leads to the yard and garden. The white on the railings makes the drop between them seem a lot further down and helps with the Cow illusion of it being an un-passable barrier. The red "wings" are simply a set up re-purposed knock down bed ends that slip over some re-bar and keep the skinny calves from tip toeing ( tip-hooving?) over the rail way ties that hold the cattle guard in place.

I am refinishing a set of cabinets for my Brother Tiny. They are pretty beat up finish wise, but well constructed of actual wood. You know the stuff that cabinet makers used before Melamine covered particle board was invented. I am going to prime/seal the insides and paint them white and refinish the doors and face trim with a deep chocolate brown. HVLP to the rescue. They are going in a house that I just painted white so the contrast should be nice.

It's raining cats and doggies today and only 5C so it's a good time for an inside project.

A friend invited me to a sweat lodge building ceremony yesterday. It was interesting to see one being built from the ground up. And after it was built we went to a local site to get some rocks, put them on the fire and had a sweat. The whole process took most of an afternoon. Jo-Ann poured me into bed around half past midnight and I slept like a baby until "punch you in the stomach in the morning Cat (Ewie)" did his thing - kneading my stomach and purring like a tractor. Time for me to get up so he can begin his early morning nap..

Hope your week is starting out nicely.


LOVE the bed pieces at the ends of your cattle quards. And especially love that you took time to make them pretty. :)
Art Blomquist said…
Well, the red is nice - but also ensures drivers of large trucks can easily see them. Don't know if Cows are colour blind or not - but they haven't tried to cross since we prettied it up.

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