Out With The Old, In With The New

The dandelions are gone now. The bright fields of yellow just a memory of a week ago.
Their flowers turned into intricate, transparent, three dimensional balls. The launchpads for next years yellow splashdown.

I've noticed buttercup patches here and there but the next big canvas of colour will be the fields of white and brown daisies.

Work on the cabinet refinishing continues. I am sanding and filling, or filling and sanding, in preparation for primer. Then white for the insides and Walnut brown for the face frames and doors.
Of course I have some help. Purrfect advice isn't hard to come by.
While the paint dries I will be installing a power line feed to our Internet relay pole to replace an extension cord. That will mean the cows can come into the inner pasture and do a bit of trimming without any chance of them gnawing on the cord. And they will. Last year we saw them nibbling on fluorescent orange survey tape and grey duct tape.

The Black Helicopters are back. We notice them hovering over the place, altering course to pass over the re-tired garden. I guess it does look a little weird from up in the sky especially with the tin foil lining the inside reflecting the undoubtedly suspicious green vegetation. No problem with them landing if I can get a ride. It's one of my lottery fantasies: spending a year or so with a geologist and a helicopter checking out all the sites where glaciers have receded revealing rock that hasn't been checked out in 10,000 years.

We snapped this pic this morning. It's a regular flight that checks the gas pipe line that runs through our property. The last time they went through they were level with our South windows and they owed Jo-Ann a new set of knickers. After a complaint they kindly raised elevation when they went over our little piece of paradise.

Looks like it will be a bit warmer today. Heck it's already 10C.


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