A Change in The Weather

Unbelievable. It actually got to 27C(80.6F) here yesterday. And it was hotter in Fraser Lake. And just five days ago we were lighting a fire to keep warm in the mornings and evenings. Wearing down vests and booties. Yesterday we're talking front and back screen doors working. At night screen windows left open in order to get a cooling cross breeze. Daily garden watering. Who knew? I can't imagine what it's like at The Midlife Farmwife's place in Illinois! in the high 90's with 200% Humidity! We would melt.

We've changed to summer hours. Up at 5, main meal at noonish, Lunch around 8ish. It just seems to let us get a lot more done.

There is a Forest fire burning about 30 kilometers East of us as the crow flies. It makes for some spectacular, but ominous, clouds.

We've been wondering what the Forest Fire threat is now that most of B.C.'s pine forests are standing dead wood. I have heard conflicting arguments. One is that green forests have more oils and that causes them to burn faster. The opposing view is that we burn dry wood in our furnaces for a reason. I tend to believe that latter opinion. We have a couple of back pack portable water spray cans and will soon be investing in a water tank and gas powered water pump that can be quickly loaded onto one of our yard trucks.

Observing the fire with equanimity, Kermie the Kat likes to hang out in a flower pot on our front Veranda that was going to be reserved for Tumbler Tomatoes.

Maybe now I'll just have to reserve it for Pussy Willows..

Hope to be getting back to the Green House project sometime this week. Now I am finishing cabinets and doing electrical connections to our internet tower.


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