A New Pair of Glasses

You know your getting old when..

Just had my eyes checked. Weirdly my vision is getting better.. I had purchased two new pairs of glasses a year ago. A bifocal pair for general use and a special pair for working on the computer. The general usage bifocals got scratched and the coating came of within a couple of weeks so I reverted to my old pair while I got them repaired. And never switched back.

Now I am using four pairs of glasses. My old ones, used for painting; my new ones used for not painting; my Computer glasses, and of course the sun glasses.

I am going to get some contact lenses for winter use under a pair of snow goggles.

On a different note. Generally, I don't recommend Dad's teaching their kids to drive. Just too many bad habits being passed on. However there isn't a decent driving school within a Hundred miles so we'll just have to make do:

Cleo: O.K Dad, I am doing a shoulder check.
Xena: When's it my turn. I won't hit the gate like last time I promise..


Yah, Yah, pay attention to the road at all times..is that an edible bug on your thumb?

Completed putting a buried power line to our internet tower, now there's no danger of cows eating the extension cord. Unless they find where I keep the shovels or skid-steer- and that would be bad!
Hope your having a great week.


Wendy said…
So, after lunch, my husband was going back to work, and it's become a tradition for my seven year old to sit in his lap and steer while he's driving down our (very low traffic, dirt) road.

Of course "our" seven year old has opposable thumbs ... I'm not sure how old your "kids" are ;).

I love the one with your kitty. I think seeing you driving down the road with that fluff-ball in your lap would certainly give me pause ;). Thanks for the chuckle :).
Just one word Art..
Lasik...changed my visual life
Art Bomquist said…
I have heard the Name. Just the thought of someone burning a laser into my eyes gives me a bit of a jello in the belly feeling..

I have slight astigmatism to so don't know if it can address both. And then of course I would still need sunglasses. Some one should invent the photo-grey contact lens.

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