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It's a Wireless World

And I believe it will be. Just like the paperless office, flying cars, and micro homes. Just not quite yet.

A family member bought a new IPhone and gifted me the cast off Blackberry Pearl 8130. So I have fiddled with this latest bit of technology for the last couple of days. In actual fact the technology is two years old - which is ancient at the rate these things are changing.

I had an HTC phone with a huge data plan and lost it about two years ago. So my three year data plan just kept on charging me. Sans phone. To be fair they did reduce the charges. So I was paying for a phone I wasn't using. On trips I could borrow Jo-Ann's cell. Which was an old one she inherited from me. And which I broke the law with on several occasions. Not supposed to use a cell phone while driving - without a hands free.

As it turns out the high tech blue tooth enabled hands-free bud I purchased with the aforementioned lost phone works great with the Pearl. I even tried it on our driveway yesterday while going to town. I am now one of those weird people you see talking to themselves while driving down the road. Jeez, a deer just ran out in front of me. But I had both hands on the wheel - and most of my attention on driving..

I can also listen to Vivaldi and Gregorian Chants on ear phones while driving or walking around the place for that matter. Now I get the Ipod thing. Haven't figured out how to listen to music and monitor my phone with the ear bud just yet. Maybe I need to grow another ear.

We are contemplating ditching our land line, and it's base line 40$ per month charge ( if we don't use it..) We haven't used our fax machine in months. I haven't done any programing in the last six months.

I am in the middle of some middle age angst. Well, middle age if I am planning on living until the year 2070. I have spent quite some fruitless time reminiscing about the way things used to be. I was always on the cutting, even bleeding, edge of technology. Now I feel like I have the technical where withal of a Luddite. My daughter gave me a lesson on how the Pearl's input keys work. Some 20 something at the phone store got me connected to Facebook. Like I was the stereotypical old guy learning about the new-fangled technology. This here cell phone thing. The first one I had weighed 17 lbs and came with an over the shoulder carrying case. Super high tech. My first computer had a 50 Megabyte hard drive. Few people could figure out how to fill it up. At one time I was contemplating purchasing a one gigabyte U.S.B. stick except the sticker shock, $1000, kept me from it. Now you can pick them up for 10 bucks or less.The WWW was CompuServe. Now I routinely download programs that are hundreds of time larger. I was just reading about a new three Terra-byte hard drive. We are consuming so much of the internet we need bigger closets to store it in.. Computers used to be input devices. Now they are consumption conduits.

I am a potato farmer listening to Gregorian Chants while tending the gardens. On a third generation cell phone - that is two generations behind the latest UberPhone. The chickens only look with feigned politeness at my power point presentations.

I have a new job - I guess my angst is, in part, caused by trying to figure out what that is, and what my role in this new enterprise needs to be. Is the smart thing to do to work harder? I know about working smarter.. That was a line I used on employee's to get them to work harder.

Ah good thing there is a sweat this afternoon. I can sit in the womb like steaming darkness, with my hair almost catching fire, and pray with good friends for some Humility. And that Angst will melt.


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