I love the smell of porridge in the morning. We try and have it at least twice a week. Especially in the winter time. The only other cereal that I will buy is Shreddies - and I don't much like taking the stroll down cereal isle in the stores. Who needs 150 different brands of cereal. Most of them covered with sugar. Our other breakfast staple is pancakes and of course eggs from the herd. With the occasional Mennonite sausage Made localy. One of the things on my list: learn how to make sausage. I have been looking for a meat cutting course in B.C. or Alberta so that I can learn to process my own beef and pork. Most of them seem to be geared towards being a professional butcher. I am looking for a more do it yourself type of course.

Today is trouble shoot the skidsteer and start putting away the tools in the new shop.


Viki said…
I eat porridge every day I go to work. Weekends, I'm in for the heart stoppers!

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