Snow Job

Did I mention yesterday that I took the snow plow off of the skidsteer. That necessitated Mother N. dropping about six inches of snow all over the newly plowed driveways. I guess the good news is that the snow dumps have been moved back and are easily accessible. Some thing I have to think about and am starting to get the gist of: Where to put all the snow that can fall in six months of Winter. Away from the house and yard is the main thought. Leaving large piles of water can inundate the driveway and house foundations. Even the snow that falls off the steep pitched roof can amount to quite a bit. Fortunately with the house oriented North South, The Eastern and Western sides do get quite a bit of sun and reflecting off of the logs shrinks the snow banks quite rapidly.

I am going to do a bit of a think this year of the amount of time and money I spend plowing the driveway and pushing snow, so that vehicles can drive to our door. We once considered a garage at the bottom of the driveway, a kilometer, away where we could house a vehicle ( to get the 14 Kilometers to town) and use a skidoo to get from the garage to the house. Or for short trips where we wouldn't be packing a lot of supplies back we could simply use snow shoes. Now wouldn't that be an interesting experiment.


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