Dog Days

Just got back from a trip to the Coast. I left at 12 am and got here at 12 pm. 12 hours of driving. Drove through the night, a snow storm, and couple of hundred klicks of slush. It's nice to be home. I had a kitchen cabinet course to attend at lee Valley at the coast. And I picked up Lucy, my daughters dog, to bring her up for a couple of weeks of Endako vacation.

Lucy is pretty much an indoor dog and she is having a lot of fun with her country sister, Xena.

And those weird, small, spitty, hissy not dog things with the fluffed up tails. Who disappear down this small square hole into the basement when she bugs them too much.

The upper driveway is pretty drifted over so I will fire up the skidsteer and take care of that, God and the skidsteer demons, willing.

And then get some wood in, and play, .er organize the shop some more. Maybe start putting the big saw together.


Denise E said…
Zeena looks a little disgruntled in this photo. Is she a little jealous of the guest?
Art Blomquist said…
Well I don't think she's too upset. they kind of tire each other out. They don't have any problem falling asleep. Lucy does have some "issue", namely barking maniacally but I don't know how much of that is rearing and how much is the breed. She's been remarkably well behaved here. lots of exercise seems to help.
Viki said…
Will Lucy be there in 2 weeks when Cleo moves in? Won't that be fun for everyone--3 female dogs in a mere 100+ acres of land.
Art Blomquist said…
Lucy will be back in the City so Cleo and Xena can have the whole 240 acres to themselves. And It should just be big enough..

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