How Does Your Garden Grow.

Time to start some gardening. Well, OK, time to start thinking about the garden. I plowed an access path to the tire garden so that I can just bring all the tops in for repair on a pallet.
Can hardly wait for that first salad. The tires with plastic on top and even the undamaged agricultural cloth are warming up nicely. It shouldn't be too much longer. I will put a thermometer in a couple of tires and see how they are doing. I can use a remote station and pick up the signal in the shop.

The number one rule in plowing snow is: don't get stuck. Here I am forgetting that rule. I will need to bring the Cat over to pull the skidsteer out. Or wait until I am back from the coast and the snow has melted a little more.

Playing " blue ball" with the girls.

The trick is to throw both balls, simultaneously, in opposite directions. This was after a chunder down the still frozen driveway to Savory Road. The dogs love the walk. The snow has melted and then frozen so they can walk on top of it. Lucy, the coon hound, gets into smell overload.


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