Walk Towards the Light

We were sitting at the kitchen table this morning, checking out the webosphere and noticed Xena sitting on her favorite snow hill watching the morning sun rise.

Actually I think she was scoping out two moose crossing just above the East fields. But she does like to sit on the growing pile of snow and contemplate her domain. All is right with the world.

I spent yesterday fiddling in the shop. Putting a coat of paint on the tool storage pegboard and building a lumber storage rack. I was tripping over pieces of wood so that little project was coming up quickly.

Here's Boose demonstrating proper use of a sliding compound miter saw. Notice how she took great pains to ensure the piece of wood was securely held down before cutting.

Don't try this at home. Remember - she's a trained professional. Some guards and safety devices may have been removed for clarity..

The parts for the skidsteer weren't in yesterday so we'll try again today - after the second coat of paint on the pegboard.


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