Pick Up Sticks

Xena likes to help with some of the chores. Making kindling is one of her specialties. We are now working on having her deposit the wonderfully chopped kindling in the kindling bucket.

She also enjoys vermin eradication. She can smell the voles underneath the snow and does a headfirst dive to get them. She is surprisingly successful. The cats take care of under and in the sheds - the fields and snow banks are Xena's domain.

Yesterday I moved Boose, the shop cat, permanently into the new shop. When I took away my heavy shirt she was using for sleeping and lounging purposes she looked a bit miffed - only to be right jollied up when I replaced it with her heated sleeping box.

It has a small electric blanket that keeps it nice and toasty. But I think the big improvement was the litter box. Going out for a crap when it's Thirty below probably wasn't on her fun things to do list. Eventually her sleeping quarters will be up near the ceiling.

I have to wait for a skidsteer part to get delivered so in the mean time my brother Tiny brought his skidsteer up and pushed all the snow banks back off our driveway road so that if and when they start to melt they melt in the ditches and off the road which will keep it a lot dryer. Of course the half dozen culverts we put in a year ago have made a huge difference. It is astonishing how quickly a stream of water running across a gravel road can wash it out.

Todays task list includes getting a coat of paint on the woodworking shelves, and plowing out the yard and paths to the outbuilding. And then taking an hour to drive the skidsteer back to Toms via Savory and Highway 16. Oh and getting in another load of wood. Somethings been happening to it - it's almost like someone has been burning it up..


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